Thursday, October 16, 2008

High Pumpkin Pie In the....Sky-y-y-y

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but I don't caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare

Last night, Wiki and I hung out with Daawuud and Keert. It was just like the olden days, when we used to goof off in Arabic class. And man oh man, how I loved that class. We were trying to learn to speak Arabic from a New Zealander who wore Armani pants and consistently mispronounced everyone's names. Also, we joked about the chemistry between him and one of our classmates....and now they have been spotted canoodling outside of university on several occasions - kinda freakay!

Anyway, replace University of Nebraska-Lincoln with Village Inn, and Professor Armani with a drugged-out-Zac-Efron-look-alike waiter, and you basically have last night. There was much pie, and much much laughter(for some reason the topic of feral children strapped to potty seats really tickled me). This morning I decided to wake up at 6:20(ha!) and go run off the pie(ha!), but instead I used the extra time to figure out which bus to ride to work so I don't have to walk there, thus eliminating virtually all exercise from my life. Someone call Richard Simmons and schedule an intervention.

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